Lab manual Unit 1- Review test

1.The standard atmospheric conditions for water to boil at 212°F a. Atmospheric pressure 15.969 psi. temperature: 70°F b. Atmospheric pressure 16.969 psi. temperature: 68°F c. Atmospheric pressure 14.969 psi. temperature: 70°F d. Atmospheric pressure 15.969 psi. temperature: 68°F
2.At standard conditions on the Celsius scale, water boil at: a. 100°C b. 212°C c. 32°C d. 20°C
3.If water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon. It will take ………….. Btu to raise the temperature of 4 gallons of water from 70°F to 72°F a. 66.7 b. 10 c. 14.7 d. 106


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